Magic Strips of the Month - April March 26, 2024 14:30

I (Debbie Gordon) have created our Magic Strips for March, I've been working on some darker more masculine quilts and colourways of late, and this is reflected in my Magic Strips. I've been interviewed by Amanda to find out what makes me quilt...

How did you get started Quilting?

In 2008 my daughter and I started a children & baby stall at South Bank in Brisbane, making many baby quilts often from panels

Who taught you to Quilt?

Self-Taught - use tips from YouTube, used to read many books & patchwork magazines. Now I gain a lot of knowledge from our customers & Sue on a Thursday

Where do you do your Quilting?

In the shop... at Home... at my children's home's... on the bullet train in Japan... anywhere I'm allowed really

Do you name or label your Quilts?

Not YET!!! they are coming!

What's your favourite tool/notion to use?

It used to be the 1/4" tape, but now it's the Accuquilt cutter

What are your favourite colours?

Teal!   Mustard   Black

Do you have a favourite type of quilt to make?

Anything from pre-cuts, especially now I can cut my own

What are you working on at the moment?

Smoke & Fire Quilt, Quilted Jacket, French General Antoinette Quilt, Coffee themed table runner... etc...etc...

What's your favourite thing to do on the Sunshine Coast?

QUILT!!! Socialise and play cards

Thank you so much Debbie, I absolutely love your Magic Strips and the Quilt they are becoming. Follow us on Facebook to see the finished Quilt