Banana Leaves - Gray - BALGR


Designed by Donna Abbots

100% cotton

110cm wide

Bush Banana (Alangkwe) is one of the most popular fruits among the Aboriginal people in Northern Territory. Bananas are eaten when they are small or fully grown. Bush banana leaves are very decorative and have certain medicinal value to cure wounds, pains etc. Young leaves are eaten without any treatments, whilst the other leaves are eaten after being steamed.

Donna Abbot is an experienced and skillful artist. Her Bush banana leaves artwork incorporates suttle colours and lot of movement. This design in various colourways will be equally popular as Bush Banana. Quilters around the world will be delighted with Donna’s new venture i.e. Banana Leaves

M&S Textiles Australia is the largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs printed on good quality 100% cotton fabric. Aboriginal artworks are popular throughout the world and the only living ancient artworks. Its tradition goes back 50,000 years ago revealed by carbon dating of rock painting, cave painting etc. It is amazing that many of the artists do not have any formal education or training.

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