Floragraphix V Quilts


Floragraphix V Quilts  y Jason Yenter

I created my first Floragraphix collection back in 2007 and have done a total of four that have been traditionally screen printed, and two collections of Floragraphix batiks. This new collection, Floragraphix V, is the first that is being printed digitally. This new digital technology allows me to use an unlimited number of colours in each print and very delicate shading in the designs. It is an exciting new addition to the Floragraphix series. 

I hope you enjoy making the quilts in this book. I had a great time designing them - playing with all the various prints and colours. I have included the Strippy Weave quilt in several books. I love to see how different it looks depending on the prints used. This version glows with colour! 

Have fun with these patterns. Feel free to make whatever changes you want. Create something beautiful! 

Jason Yenter

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